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Podcast Production Services

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Podcasts are a great way to have your voice heard, start important conversations, grow your audience, and connect with followers.

However, starting a podcast can be daunting and time-consuming.

Beaver Media provides audio/video production and post-processing for truly professional podcast content, along with consultation and production management for podcast distribution.


Podcast Clients

Heckleproof Podcast

A comedy podcast hosted by stand-up comic Carl Lee (Last Comic Standing, Bob & Tom Comedy Award Winner), along with Matty J, founder of Southern Oregon regional comedy group Rogue Comedy Underground, and Zach Bolton, resident iGeneration/Gen Z contributor and freestyle MC. 

The Heckleproof podcast is produced as a 3-camera video shoot, featuring 3 hosts and occasional guest.  

  • Professional audio mastering for podcast streaming
  • Full-length video podcast edit with titles & shoutouts
  • Highlight video clips for social media and web marketing
  • Scheduled multicasting to all the top podcast streams
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Podcasting Packages

Audio Master Only

Bring Your Pre-Recorded Audio
$ $100
  • Editing
  • Noise removal
  • Equalize & Leveling
  • Intro/Outro Insertion
  • Audio Ad Insertion
  • 30min. Minimum ($50)

Audio Podcast

Recording & Mastering (up to 4 mics)
$ 185
  • Recording (up to 4 mics)
  • Editing
  • Noise removal
  • Equalize & Leveling
  • Intro/Outro Insertion
  • Audio Ad Insertion
  • 1hr. Minimum

Video Podcast

Multi-Camera Video Production
$ 500
  • Multi-camera Video
  • Audio Version
  • Full-length Edit
  • Highlight/Promo Clips
  • Intro/Outro Insertion
  • Video/Graphic Ad Insertion
  • 1hr. Minimum

*Cost by hour refers to length of final master, not production hours.

**Minimums can include multiple episodes, ie. two 30min episodes per billable hour

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