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Watch Films of the Pacific Northwest

All films in this library were produced, or featured key production units, in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Northern California, Montana). The thing that ties all these films together is the tight-knit film production teams that interweave through this eclectic mix of genre movies. There is bound to be something to appeal to all movie buffs and cinephiles. 

By watching via the links here, you help to support independent filmmakers. We promote official filmmaker purchase options first, followed by links to the available VOD channels that pay them out the best.  There may be affiliate links to some VOD platforms, but that does not affect your pricing, nor adversely affect the filmmakers’ own profit. It merely is an absorbed cost by the streaming company that helps us pay for web hosting. 



The Great Beaver’s list of niche independent movies to watch during quarantine. All feature films, produced in the Pacific Northwest, are available for rent, and a list of short films and underground cinema are available to stream for free.